System Cooling Test Rig

The System Cooling Test Rig from AST Technology offers a convenient and time saving way for mold builders to test, analyze and certify cooling circuits for their customers’ requirements.

Cooling Circuit Optimization

Moldmakers must often supply new molds to the customer complete with a report of operating parameters which includes data relating to the cooling circuits in the mold. Now moldmakers can easily connect the System Cooling Test Rig to the mold as part of the benchmarking process.

Flow and Pressure Test

The flow and pressure can be controlled precisely to simulate the production setup. This allows for benchmarking performance and establishing a baseline for future test comparisons.

The system also provides the ability to pressure leak test the mold to more efficiently detect water leaks before press setup.

The System Cooling Test Rig offers a convenient and time-saving way for mold builders to qualify cooling circuitry on new molds and analyze and test cooling channels during maintenance.
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Advanced Pump Technology

The System Cooling Test Rig is equipped with a high tech pump, which allows users to control flow volume and pump pressure. Everything is controlled from the touch control screen.

The integrated water tank supplies water for flow and pressure tests.

After testing and certifying the mold, users can conveniently purge the water out of all circuits simply by pressing the ‘Empty System’ button.

Graphical Interface

The System Cooling software is designed to give a simple and quick overview, enabling the user to monitor all parameters and settings.

Data collected includes: flow volume/capacity, pressure loss through the mold, and pressure leak tests. All data is compiled into reports that can be saved electronically and printed as needed.

Flow and Pressure Loss Pressure Leak Test Report Flow Record

Calibration Unit

The System Cooling Calibration unit makes calibration of the System Cooling sensors a simple task. The unit includes a certified flow sensor that ensures reliable test data.

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