CVe OnDemand Software

Thank you for your recent purchase of the CVe Monitor system,
the newest advancement in electronic mould monitoring.

No longer a mystery, your tool's performance and activity now can be accessed directly at the mould or from across the world.

Benefits of the CVe Monitor system include:

  • Cycle time monitoring to verify consistent part
    quality and cost
  • Maintenance activity tracking to reduce unscheduled
    mould stoppages
  • Reports accessible to tool engineers wherever the
    mould is run.

CVe OnDemand Software User's Manual

CVe OnDemand is a reporting software which is provided
free of charge by AST Technology. When connected to a
CVe Monitor system, OnDemand generates a historical
service record for your mould.

System and Software Requirements Required

  • Windows XP (SP2 or greater) or Windows 7 Professional
  • .Net Framework 4 Client Profile*
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 or greater
  • Internet Explorer 8


  • Microsoft Excel 2007 (SP2) or Excel 2010 Professional
  • Internet Access

*.Net Framework 4 Client Profile will automatically download when OnDemand is installed, and your computer must have an Internet connection. If you are not connected to the internet and .Net Framework 4 Client Profile is not installed on your computer it can be downloaded from Microsoft by clicking HERE and installed manually.  


Download the CVe Monitor OnDemand Software HERE.

Download the CVe Monitor OnDemand Installation Instructions HERE.

Download the CVe Monitor OnDemand
User's Manual HERE.