AST Customer testimonials


"By employing AST's DFM services, we were able to achieve a cycle time reduction of 74% from the original production cycle. Additionally, we could significantly reduce capital investment in duplicate mould tools."  

~ Cosmetic Manufactuing Customer


"Our company was lacking process engineering resources. So we enlisted the help of AST Technology, who was able to provide not only process engineering but also tool design analysis. AST was able to complete tool GA reviews, evaluate the mould tool at the tool maker, and validate the mould so that it was fully qualified and production ready. It was a pleasure working with the AST team members. With the services they supplied we were able to keep our mould validation programme moving, whereas before it was stalled. AST´s expertise is of a high calibre and we are continuing to use their services."    

~ Medical Device OEM


"We have used AST´s process engineering capability for a period of 3 person months. We resource our Technical team to manage the forecast expectations with regard to new moulds, mould optimization and process trouble shooting; hence if we see an increase in activity or require cover for absence or (as has happened recently) we see a number of Process Engineering employees exit the business then we need a capability such as AST to call upon to bridge this activity load. The primary role that AST personnel have undertaken is to support new mould validations and the validation of moulds that have been transferred from outside of the organisation in support of our customer programs. We have found AST personnel highly professional, knowledgeable and flexible in supporting our needs. We have built up a rapport and level of active engagement such that AST personnel are capable of completing our documentation (to a regulatory and customer standard). We would rate the service that we have received from AST very highly and we will use this capability again. We have also requested that AST provide an overview of the broader AST service in order that we can consider this offering in our future plans."

~ High volume injection molder OEM serving the drug delivery, medical and consumer markets


"Enlisting the services of AST Technology resulted in a cost savings of more than €450,000 per year for a major medical component manufacturer."    

~ Anoymous


"They are providing support not only in optimizing the moulding process, but also in highlighting areas of the part design and tooling design and construction which have made significant improvement to part quality and cost. Levels of capacity and quality have improved along with cost-efficiency."  

~ Major Mobile Phone OEM


"We had an overload of validation requirement that would enter the company at the same time. We needed a reliable organisation that uses the same methods as ourselves that would slot into our current documentation. AST would carry out process optimisation and cross over studies working in our new class 7 cleanroom. They also provided an objective view on components even though most were frozen, which showed the benefits of involving them at an early stage. Through the process optimisation stage there are savings, though I know we had some restrictions on robots and take off so not all potential saving could be exploited, but all the work was carried out in controlled manner that allowed decisions to be made regarding getting the tools through validation. When a particular problem arose AST helped solved the issues and highlighted potential areas to investigate. We probably used the services over a 6 month period with some gaps. They are an excellent, good group of guys that are easy to work with, very helpful, and became one of the team – a real asset. I would rate AST very highly and would use and recommend them within the industry. To which we have placed further work."    

~ Medical Device OEM


"We have no in-house expert on moulding or tooling, but some general knowledge only. We engage in a large moulding/tooling project only once every 2-3 years. We therefore need to call upon expertise we can trust when required to support our project managers. In a project comprising 18 tools and stretching over about one year, AST assisted with the following:

• Design for Manufacture reviews of our industrial designer´s plastic part designs

• Selected mouldflow focusing on gate position and size

• Advise on vetting and selecting appropriate toolmaker(s)

• Preparation of tool specification sheets

• Review of toolmaker Gas

• Prep of basic moulding parameters

• Support during tool making and trial moulding on tool design changes, quality and processing.

AST´s work is instrumental in achieving a sound plastic part design and good tool design as well as running tool ready for production. Without AST´s credible assistance we would have a lot more problems in future. All AST staff working with us are of a high standard, in particular we like Shaun´s manner, customer service and knowledge. Shaun knows our business and quality well, so when he is away it is harder to achieve the same efficient collaboration with Germany, but results are still more than satisfactory. We learnt that when reviewing Gas with Germany that we should set the goals more clearly. For example, the weighting of cycle time vs. tool cost vs. part cost vs. scrap cost etc., so that they can tailor their feedback accordingly. We will continue to approach AST for quotation and assistance and rate them highly."   

~ Anonymous


"On behalf of myself and [our company] I would like to thank you for all the support and advice you have given me whilst I was carrying out the design of the T1 assemblies. I believe without the support that AST provided we would not be where we are today."   

~ OEM Customer