System Moulding

The System Moulding Workbook applies a structured and documented method for ensuring the best part quality, process stability and cycle times. From initial acceptance trials through optimisation of mould parameters and approval for volume production, OEMs, mould makers and moulders gain the added benefit of minimising tool qualification and approval times.

Product Description:

AST’s System Moulding Workbook is used for the qualification and optimisation of injection mould tools with options to optimise single shot, 2-shot and insert moulded components. Based on an icon-driven interface, it enables a fully documented moulding process to be quickly established within a maximised process window. The user can select to work with imperial or metric units and can also select the language for the workbook; currently English and German are available as standard. 


  • Average cycle time reduction of 20%, enabling the elimination of extra working shifts and overtime.

  • Documented moulding process development.

  • Reduce tool maintenance and repair costs.

  • Save weeks in mould validation time, reducing time to market and manufacturing ramp up.

  • Integral databases, including customer’s machines and materials, combined with a structured approach saves time with quick
    access to valuable data.

System Moulding Workbook features
an icon-driven interface for intuitive navigation and easy use.

System Moulding is a complete solution for validation and processing optimisation of injection mould tooling.

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Module 1:  Mould Proving

Module 2:  Process Optimisation

Module 3:  Tolerancing and Control

Additional Options:

If you are looking for a proven pathway to optimised, profitable injection moulding, AST Technology’s System Moulding can get you there.

For detailed information please contact an AST representative at or via phone at one of our global offices: Germany:  +49 (0) 5731 496 2340; United Kingdom: +44 (0) 2033 990999; or North America: +1 847 487 1000.