Program WatchTM, from AST, Ensures Program Targets are Met and Maintained

AST Technology GmbH specialises in initiating systems and standards for OEM’s and contract manufacturers.

Because it is not uncommon for an OEM program to be in production at multiple moulder locations, AST developed Program Watch™, a system for providing the OEM with information and metrics to ensure that a program is on its intended targets for production, performance, and maintenance.

While the OEM can have access to each supplier’s reports, it would require numerous, ongoing check-ins to truly monitor all of the tools throughout the program’s life.

Program Watch incorporates the use of AST’s CVe Monitor™ System in tandem with its Spec Implementation program and OnDemand™ software to seamlessly back up all data and reports generated by each supplier. This information is then compiled monthly by an AST engineer who emails a monthly snapshot of the tools to the OEM.

“Several aspects of a mould’s activity are highlighted in the monthly reports, including alerts for exceptions, such as mould cycle time deviations and PM requirements,” explains Philip Parmenter, AST Managing Director. “It places critical mould data at the OEM’s fingertips to ensure moulding programs are running at optimum levels.”

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