Know Your Mold's Activity

AST Technology GmbH specializes in initiating systems and standards for OEM’s and contract manufacturers. Its latest innovation, the CVe Monitor, provides comprehensive reports of a mold’s performance and activity from anywhere in the world, and now features a 2GB flash drive for storing mold performance reports, drawings, setup sheets, and more.

The CVe device gathers such valuable information as:

  • Total Cycles of the tool
  • Cycle Time over the life of the tool
  • Cycle Time over the last 25,000 cycles
  • Percentage of activity versus downtime
  • Downtime date ranges
  • Increments where mold maintenance was performed.

One can either view the data directly from the CVe or download the data via its mini USB port in order to drive comprehensive reporting.

The CVe Monitor connects with CVe OnDemand™ software as part of a new System Monitoring™ platform, which was also developed by AST.

Based in Herford, Germany, with engineers also located in the U.K., and established customers in Europe, Asia and North America, AST Technology conducts specialist training, component DFM support and tooling development & standardization through its customers’ global manufacturing networks.

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