AST Technology Introduces a More Powerful CVe LiveTM Remote Mold Monitoring System

AST Technology’s CVe Live™ is a unique system that provides users with the ability to view mold activity in real time, from within the plant or across the world. Now CVe Live gives users even more tooling control.

Customize PM’s, Shift Schedules
CVe Live users now have unlimited options for customization of PM schedules for their molds. Whether incremental or absolute, PM schedules can be programmed to suit each mold’s requirements. Plus, CVe Live generates a customizable checklist of maintenance procedures that must be completed each time a mold is pulled. The checklist is then stored for historical reference.


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Shift schedules can also now be customized versus working within very explicit, preset timeframes. “A shop can enter specific shift schedules that they are running and reports can be generated by shift or by any customized time frame,” explains Sujit Sheth, AST’s General Manager, Monitoring Division. “This lets companies drill down to specific timeframes when production issues occur and enables a faster resolution for those issues.”

New Charts and Graphs:

  • Efficiency graphs – Shows active time, idle time and sleep time and the corresponding efficiency percentage over a shift or specified time frame

  • Theoretical Production Loss – Shows in parts/hour how many parts should have been made based on predefined standards vs. what was actually manufactured under current production conditions

  • Cavitation – Provides the ability to record blocked cavity numbers with notes in the system, and chart what the cavitation has been over a specified time period

  • Asset Tracking – For molds that move from plant to plant, this chart displays the last time a tool was connected at what plant and for how long.

“AST has also added a built-in data export feature that allows users to select data fields and export that data to their existing ERP system,” adds Sheth. “A lot of useful data is being generated by CVe Live that other systems don’t have. Now it’s possible to keep data synced between systems within a company so everyone stays on the same page.”

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