Injection Moulding Process Development / Optimisation

The consistency of the injection moulding process has a direct effect on quality, productivity and profitability. Many injection moulding processes are set as a result of an individual’s expertise and knowledge of the machine, mould or material. AST Technology can develop a more structured and comprehensive approach to ensure that the best possible injection moulding process is achieved.

Process Development and Optimisation Benefits: 

  • Achieve the best possible, and most consistent injection moulding process during production

  • Consistent component manufacture – size / weight / dimension

  • Optimised and defined processing window

  • Fully documented mould and process development from validation and testing using

  • AST MoldPro approach and philosophy

  • Documented settings will shorten tool uptime for production

  • Settings will not have to be re-developed for repeat or copy tooling

Testing and development of new moulds, and a complete process optimisation and documentation review is conducted.

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AST Service Overview

AST customers often use the “Injection Moulding Process Development/Optimisation” service in combination with DFM reviews and tool design reviews for analysing and resolving existing problems in production. This can either be performed remotely or on-site with “hands on” processes in the production environment.

For detailed information please contact AST via email at or via phone at one of our global offices: Germany: +49 (0) 5731 496 2340; United Kingdom: +44 (0) 2033 990999; or North America: +1 847 487 1000.