Design for manufacturing

Because component design has a direct impact on both tooling and
processing, AST Technology GmbH helps support the design development process by providing component Design for Manufacturing, or DFM, review services to ensure the development of the best possible component design
for production.

DFM Benefits:

  • Optimises component design for the most efficient manufacture
    through the development of a company-owned tool standard

  • Ensures that the component design will suit the latest material and tooling technologies

  • Ensures that the component design will face no problems in post production (assembly, painting, printing, plating, etc.)

  • Accurate cost predictions on tooling, production environment and part piece price

  • Value engineering to convert existing component design to injection
    moulding component design

Service and value engineering
is reviewed to ensure development
of the best possible component
design for production.

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AST DFM Service Overview

DFM analysis on component structure and de-moulding includes:

Flow analysis is offered for a wide range of applications:

AST customers often use the DFM service in combination with tool design reviews and injection moulding process optimisation for analysing and resolving existing problems in production. This can either be performed remotely or on-site with “hands on” processes in the production environment.

For detailed information please contact AST via email at or via phone at one of our global offices: Germany: +49 (0) 5731 496 2340; United Kingdom: +44 (0) 2033 990999; or North America: +1 847 487 1000.