AST Assessment and Tailored Training Courses

Working on fields like DFM, injection mould tools and injection mould processing require a certain level of experience to ensure the best possible outcomes. Basic training modules provided by AST Technology GmbH ensure that first-time users will become familiar with areas such as component design, tooling and processing. Advanced training courses help to delve deeper into each topic. AST offers training for all skill levels, from program managers to engineers.

AST Training Benefits

  • AST performs assessments on product designs, tooling and injection moulding processes to establish and implement improvements with supporting training

  • Training is provided to customers across all areas of plastics technology from introductory to advanced levels and for processors, engineers and managers of all skill levels

  • Each training course is tailored to suit the customer’s needs, including:

    • Technical level, relevant materials and part designs, equipment and techniques

    • Reference to company processes and systems as needed

    • Cost effective training services – pay for the trainer’s time, not per person

Custom designed training programs
are provided globally, on-site at a customer’s facility or off-site at a designated location.

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AST Training Courses Include

Other modules are available to suit specific customer requirements.

For detailed information please contact AST via email at or via phone at one of our global offices: Germany: +49 (0) 5731 496 2340; United Kingdom: +44 (0) 2033 990999; or North America: +1 847 487 1000.