AST Technology Takes Mould Program Management to the Next Level with New Program Watch TM Capabilities

AST Technology, a PCIC Group Company specializing in comprehensive OEM support services, has advanced the capabilities of its Program Watch™ system to make knowing the status of any tooling program easier and more comprehensive than ever.

First introduced by AST at NPE2012, Program Watch™ provides OEMs with tooling information and metrics to ensure that a program is hitting its intended targets.

“Subscribers to this unique service will now have a more developed dashboard to view, at a glance, the status of a program even if the tools being monitored are located at multiple plants,” explains AST’s System Monito ring Development Engineer Tom Knight. “Additionally, one can now drill down to obtain data from any one tool or even from a particular plant where a mould is running.”

Program Watch incorporates the use of AST’s CVe Monitor™ System in tandem with its Spec Implementation program and OnDemand™ software to seamlessly back up all data and reports generated by each supplier. This information is then compiled monthly by an AST engineer who emails a monthly snapshot of the tools to the OEM.

 “With the newly expanded capabilities, customers can easily access a complete, top-level report of any tooling program,” Knight adds. “This is especially advantageous when preparing for production meetings and will benefit companies with a multi-engineering forum. Program Watch keeps everyone on the same page with up-to-the-minute snapshots of their tooling programs.”

For more information about AST Technology, its products and services, visit www.ast- . AST Technology is a PCIC Group Company.

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